The Best of 2012 – Perfumes and Perfumers


 – Perfumes and perfumers

It’s that time of the year again when I have the agonizing task of determining the best perfumes of 2012. What did I love, what did I loathe? What did we write and what did I wear?

Just as last year, my Best of list will be in three (long) parts. First, the perfumes and perfumers that – and who – blew my mind in so many different ways. This list is limited to those I’ve actually tried and/or reviewed. I can’t keep up any longer, and I’m not sure what irritates me most – that so many perfumes were launched, or that no matter how I try, I just can’t try them all, darn it! Next comes an ode to the words, the friends and the facilitators who did so much to improve upon what I otherwise consider an annus horribilis of my own, and last, but not least, my personal list of what I wore and adored this year.

The more I’ve written about perfume, the more I’ve discovered the truth of that maxim – it doesn’t get any easier. If anything, quite the reverse. What does get easier is determining the duds from the dudes (and dudettes), the spectacular from the super-bad. As the saying goes – experience is a witch! 😉

Meanwhile, I have three fervent pleas.

Dear EU. You have a problem. Several powerful political lobbies and the IFRA wish to strengthen the substance ban and add far more natural substances used in perfumery for fear of allergic reactions. You also have a billion-euro industry of unparalleled history and heritage who depend on those very substances to make their money and so employ growers, suppliers and the thousands who work in the worldwide perfume industry. Here’s your problem. Do you give in to the political pressure – and lose all those thousands of jobs and billions of euros that pay your salary? Or do you wise up to an irrefutable fact – the people who might react are not the people who wear perfume. I hope for the best – and try to quell that tiny smidge that makes me fear for the worst…

Dear perfume houses – niche, indie and otherwise. Please. For the love of contraband oakmoss – no more oud ANYTHING, OK? Enough is enough. Let those poor, overharvested aquilaria trees just grow for a change, and get back to me in about 30 years.

One more thing. I do hope you’re listening. If you’re going to call something ‘Noir’, make sure it emphatically IS…Noir. (This doesn’t apply to Tom Ford, who knows better.) Instead, I got saddled with Chanel’s Coco Noir. I had such high hopes. Once again, they were dashed to smithereens. Note to Jacques Polge – next time, call it Chanel Greige.

Here are my fragrant epiphanies of 2012 – the best and the worst of what this year had to offer.

Best New Line:

Although technically launched at the very end of last year, the trio of carefully curated perfumes from Neela Vermeire Creations has taken the perfume world by storm this year – for a very good reason. Orchestrated with perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, her fragrant odes to her native India past and present – Trayee, a numinous song of the distant past and sacred ceremony, the luminous Moghul rose that is Mohur, and the Bollywood extravaganza of exuberance that is Bombay Bling  – an homage to India’s dynamic, fast-moving present and future – are all richly complex, ever-evolving, multi-layered and textured tapestries, a bit like the mood rings I wore as a teenager, since I never quite know what magic carpet rides they will provide this time or what stories will follow, except they will be as fabulous, as colorful and as kaleidoscopic as India surely is and ever was.

Best Discovery:

Sometimes, I suspect that Fate/Destiny/Kismet has plans for me. I rarely enter draws or competitions, but one competition I did enter was a Facebook competition from Roman luxury retailer Campomarzio70 for a chance to try vero profumo’s newest launch, and vero profumo was at the very top of my Dying to Try list and has been for years. Lo and behold, I was one of the lucky ones, and lo and behold – not only did I receive a sample of Mito, I also received samples of both the extraits and eaux de parfums of Vero Kern’s line. I’ll have more to say about vero profumo, but I’m thoroughly, utterly delighted to state that they were all of them everything I could have hoped for and so very much more.

Theme songs

1. The War of the Roses

2012 was a year of some spectacular roses, not simply variations on a theme but roses reinvented and made into new, improved versions of themselves, and this year brought me three breathtaking roses – and one I have yet to review, but I’ll be getting back to that one. My personal 2012 Trinity of Rose – I can’t choose between them and wouldn’t dare to try – consists of the decadent, mossy, silk-velvet Ballets Rouges by Olympic Orchids, Aftelier’s joyously delicious Wild Roses and Neela Vermeire Creations opulent, majestic Mohur. The war referred to in the heading is simply the one that goes on in my mind deciding which one to wear!

2. The Color Of My Hopes

This diehard green-floral fan was thoroughly delighted to see that she wasn’t the only one who loved her greens and wore them, too. The most original take on that particular theme was definitely vero profumo’s Mito, which is my Green of the Year. But another new line’s highly original spin on that well-loved riff deserves singling out, and that is the Green Feral Thang that is Kerosene’s aptly named Creature. Alas, I loved that tiny sample so much I have nothing left to review it with.

3. The Chypre Continuum

Despite whatever the IFRA might say to the contrary, three stellar chypres were launched this year that bear no resemblance to those wan, pathetic, patchouli-laden wannabes called ‘chypres’ in mainstream perfumery. These three are far, far above and way beyond them all. Two I’ve already reviewed, Amouage’s Beloved and the effervescent Parfums d’Empire’s Azemours L’Oranger, the last of the three came to me fairly recently thanks to a perfume angel. MDCI’s Chypre Palatin – yes, expect to see a review soon – is a blatant, deliriously great gauntlet thrown in the face of all who would do away with those dark, earthy, mossy depths so many of us love – and wear with no ill effects whatsoever.

4. Perfume stories

Two tales involving perfume have become a huge part of my own personal scent trail in 2012, and I say this in all humility since one of those stories was my own. The one that wasn’t (which I have yet to read) was L’Artisan Parfumeur’s showstopping Seville à l’Aube, created by Bertrand Duchaufour (I swear, the man was everywhere this year!) in collaboration with Denyse Beaulieu of Grain de Musc for her book ‘The Perfume Lover’. Once that fatal word ‘orange blossom’ began to be thrown around as the rumors grew before its launch, I swept in like a hawk on the hunt and acquired a decant of Seville à l’Aube blind – and never in the history of this perfume blogger did the level of perfume drop so fast in a decant, not for lack of alternatives. This blend of rose-tinted memory and glorious orange blossom, beeswax, a most unusual lavender and thick, dancing swirls of incense is, in a word, flawless. Rumor has it that Denyse and Bertrand have plans for an extrait version called ‘Duende’. I pale to contemplate what it might be like. When that decant goes, I will cry. Buckets. Streams. Rivers!

About that other one…Once upon a time, I concocted a story out of boredom that I wrote all the way to the day I wrote ‘The End’ – and have rewritten several times since. Thanks to my partner-in-crime, Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids, the Devilscent Project was resurrected as a group project involving some of the very best bloggers in the blogosphere – and the very best indie perfumers in the US. Neil Morris, no stranger to danger and a monumentally talented perfumer, joined the project and then proceeded to blow my poor proboscis to smithereens by bottling up the first chapter of the tale – and calling it Midnight at the Crossroads Café. All the elements of that first chapter are contained within its depths: the smoky, late-night café, the chill of looming winter, the cinnamon and spices wafting from the mulled wine, the remnants of an evening to remember, the danger, the desire, the Devil, the deal…There’s nothing at all on Planet Perfume quite like it. I cried my immensely flattered, floored, grateful tears the day it arrived and many times since whenever I wear it.

Speaking of invoking my inner Drama Queen…one august personage loves nothing more than to induce apoplexy at the post office, apoplexy that means a large, smoking trail of blackest profanity, a not-at-all clandestine spray because I can’t bloody help myself and eff-what-they-think, followed by that unfortunate I-so-have-to-sit-down-now moment. Christopher Chong has had not just an awful lot on his plate this year, he also has that on his conscience! As well as…

Best Post Office Apoplexy – and my Amber of the Year:

Amouage Opus VI. If anything redefined amber as something new and audacious, surely it was Opus VI. Dry, smoky, woody, complex and raspy, it’s extraordinary and yet a definite Amouage, and that’s precisely how I like my ambers – and my Amouages. Meanwhile, I’ve received funny looks at that post office ever since. They probably think I’m getting controlled substances in the mail. I am. And it’s all HIS fault!

Finest WTF moments:

Amouage Interlude Man & Woman

But Beloved wasn’t enough for this Perfume Torquemada. Opus VI wasn’t enough. Then came the coups-de-grace that were Interlude Man and Woman, and my doom was as total as my confusion, since I came by necessity to discover that the labels has been switched on my samples. Interlude Woman was Interlude Man, and vice versa. Or his vice was my versa. Or something. Whatever the case, these two bottled odes to the cacophony and chaos of modern life – and the deep, deep breaths we take in order to cope with them – were astonishing. And nearly impossible to review, since I barely knew where to start. Even now, even today, I wrestle with those obstinate genies who refuse to give anything away, yet insist all the same… “We haff vays to make you talk…” Oh, yes. In tongues long dead and likely forgotten, but talk, I do! The problem, as my readers are surely aware, is shutting up!

That other Christopher (Sheldrake) whose work I so adore – and the devious if not diabolical Creative Director he works in tandem with, M. Lutens  – was no slouch this year, either. Parfums Serge Lutens gave us…

My Favorite Bottled Air Conditioning:

The Serge Lutens line known as L’Eaux tend to be a bit divisive. I happen to like the original L’Eau, (a decided minority), but ‘like’ turned to love when L’Eau Froide arrived in February during an epic spell of freezing weather. It since became a summer staple on those (rare) hot summer days with its unique combination of rosemary/pine/eucalyptus and chilly Somali incense. No matter where I went or what I did, I was – literally – Cool, Calm and (very) Collected. If there were two words that encapsulate all L’Eau Froide is to me, they would be Chill and Out.

Got Wood?

Sandalwood? If we’re talking the fabled Mysore sandalwood, the answer is probably not. Over-harvested to near-extinction, adulterated and even counterfeited, the real Mysore sandalwood is nearly impossible to come by any longer. Australian sandalwood, however – a different species of tree and a different fragrance – is not. Frankly, I don’t mind too much, since the arrival of Santal Majuscule – using that Australian sandalwood – will likely completely make you forget you even miss the real thing, with its spicy cocoa-rosy ribbons wrapped around a rich, creamy sandalwood heart. Obey my commands if not my deeds, ye sandalwood lovers. Try it!

Most Dangerous/Sexy Perfumes of 2012, Masculine:

Anything named Dev, from Esscentual Alchemy, Neil Morris Fragrances, House of Cherry Bomb, Olympic Orchids or the Perfume Pharmer. Trust me. I know.

Most Dangerous/Sexy Perfumes of 2012, Feminine:

Anything named Lil or Lilith from Neil Morris Fragrances, House of Cherry Bomb, Olympic Orchids, and certainly Babylon Noir from Opus Oils, too. Trust me. I know.

Tropical Escape Hatch

Another line that was new to me (if not to the rest of Planet Perfume) was Micallef, and my shameless self-promotion on Facebook and Twitter meant that a sample package arrived in the mail one sunshiney day – with one broken vial, but I won’t hold that against them. There will be more reviews of Micallef to follow – but for now, let’s just say that whenever the winter blahs blow too hard, I now have the tropical escape hatch that is their beautiful Ylang in Gold. Just knowing it’s there glowing in my cabinet tends to make the snow, the rain, the wind somehow easier to bear.

Disappointment, Guaranteed!

It was a spectacular campaign. It was a no less spectacular premise. Even the bottle was, well…spectacular. What wasn’t quite so spectacular were the contents of Lady Gaga’s ‘Fame’. I wish I could say that might have been the whole idea – you’ve been had by a concept – but alas, that might be asking for more meta than even Lady Gaga could supply. Likewise, the much-anticipated ‘Truth or Dare’ by Madonna was a monumental…letdown. I’ll give celebufumes a chance, but throwing Fracas into the cotton candy-machine and calling this fluffy-bunny over-sugared Da-Glo pink tuberose ‘Truth or Dare’ is neither truthful nor particularly daring. C’mon, Madge. We had expectations. Until we didn’t. Sic transit…For one, I never in my wildest flu-ish phantasmagorias expected to write ‘fluffy bunny’ about a tuberose. ‘Nuff said!

From the overthought Unintentional Hilarity Department:

Brad Pitt for Chanel no. 5 could have really rearranged everyone’s mental furniture. It did, but in ways not even the marketing department of Chanel could have anticipated. We were howling with laughter…over the pretension of it all. Since Brad Pitt as a rule doesn’t make me laugh and neither does Chanel these days, that’s…something, just not what Chanel might have been hoping for.

Dear readers, you have all been so patient, so forgiving of all the verbiage. But wait! There’s more! For this year, I hand the baton of Truly And Epically Spectacular Perfumers to…a collective united by a project that took them places and made them create perfumes as perfumes might never have been created before, and an individual that means I’ll likely cook my goose most thoroughly. Since I’m not afraid of controversy – or flying bottles of Britney Spears Circus Fantasy – I’ll plow in regardless.

Perfumers of 2012 – Collective

The perfumers of the Devilscent Project as a whole claim one half of the Perfumer’s Prize. I had no idea one snowbound weekend in January preparing the brief, just what would lie in store or what marvels would be created. But in essence and absolute, Amanda Feeley of Esscentual Alchemy, Neil Morris of Neil Morris Fragrances, Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids, Monica Miller of Perfume Pharmer, Katlyn Breene of Mermade Magickal Incense Maria McElroy and Alexis Karl of House of Cherry Bomb and Kedra Hart of Opus Oils threw away all the rules and the book they were written in, too – and made my Faustian tale of desires, dreams, love, rock’n’roll and redemption into something brand-new and most wondrous strange – strange for being impossible to classify, wondrous for being, well, some of the sultriest, sexiest, most salaciously hair-raising, inhibition-killing, zipper-popping, bodice-ripping perfumes ever made – anywhere, so long as you parked your preconceptions by the wayside and followed them down the rabbit hole, the Chelsea Hotel, a street in Ditmas Park – or that midnight café.  I’ll have much more to say about them – I have four reviews to go and a wrap-up post, but for now and for always, the technical skills and all-out sinfulness of all the Devilscent Project’s seventeen scents are staggering testaments to a maxim I learned while writing the book – that inspiration is everything, and so long as you dare to follow where it takes you, anything can happen, and sometimes, miracles, too.

Independent Perfumer of 2012

I’ve been writing this post off and on in my head since October, thinking about what should make my list and who I should single out for praise. Yet no matter which ways I sliced or diced it, my mind kept coming back to a man with a stunning string of massive successes just this year alone, and he’s given us perfumistas so many epiphanies in so many bottles for quite some time.

Therefore, I’m going to court controversy and hand it to… Bertrand Duchaufour. For his work with Neela Vermeire Creations, for his work with L’Artisan Parfumeur and Denyse Beaulieu, for the breathtaking Chypre Palatin and for never, ever falling back on a formula and repeating his own artistic predilections. Like all the best of any art in any genre, a Duchaufour is always recognizable, yet always surprising.

Having said that, one of his artistic collaborations blew up in his face and all over the blogosphere as well as perfume boards – namely, his creation of a line of perfumes for Gulnara Karamova, the daughter of Uzbekistan’s dictator, who apparently has plans to become either a fashion designer or a pop star with a celebufume of her own. The problem isn’t that she at least had the supreme good taste to go for the best – the problem, of course, is whether an artist is ethically responsible for the questionable actions of his patrons.

Never mind we mortals will likely never even see these perfumes in our part of the world. The rest of Planet Perfume learned about it via an article in the UK newspaper The Independent, which was picked up by a number of perfume blogs. Next we knew, all hell broke loose as so many rushed to deride the ubiquitous M. Duchaufour, his works and his choice of collaborators. People swore never to buy another of his perfumes again. People threw out entire, costly bottles. Planet Perfume felt somehow betrayed in its illusions of the beautiful world of perfume, when the fact is – it’s every bit as dirty, as filthy, as infested and as cutthroat as any other business these days. And much as it pains me to say it – it IS…a business, for all we prefer or hope to believe otherwise.

It was an interesting debate, not least for what it never really said. If M. Duchaufour were to lose his professional reputation over his trip to Uzbekistan (one commenter stated his career was over, which is a tad over-dramatic) – one of the most severely repressed countries in the world – shouldn’t it by rights follow that the august fashion houses of Dior, Chanel, Balenciaga, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana et al. should surely be shunned/boycotted, too, for clothing Miss Karamova? After all, it is the precise same problem.

Or – if the questionable ethics of patrons really were the point, then how do you explain the Italian Renaissance – financed by a whole bunch of emphatically and epically questionable so-called ‘nobles’ in Florence, Milan, and Rome? Do we now boycott the Mona Lisa since Leonardo Da Vinci was employed by Cesare Borgia (no Snow White!) at one point in his illustrious career? Would Da Vinci be responsible for what Cesare Borgia and the Papal armies did to Italy? He did make several lethal war-machines, after all…

Or do we simply say…even artists are people, too, and people do like to eat and support themselves and their families as best they can. So artists will go where the money is and hope for a creative challenge if they’re lucky, and the rest is…what it is. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Here’s what I believe. Anyone can make mistakes. If they’re smart – as I definitely suspect M. Duchaufour is – they’ll learn from them and…move on. As I suspect he will, and hopefully, his legions of enlightened fans will follow. The art supersedes the artist, and the art Duchaufour has created and unleashed upon the world this year alone has done so very much to improve upon my world and my life.

As for the artist – I also have reasons to believe he still has a few aces up his sleeve, and is just waiting to unleash them upon an eager world. Here’s hoping! Bertrand Duchaufour, this was your year. You do have a few more left, yes?

So many perfumes – and so little time! What were your favorites of 2012? What trends did you love – or hate – and what do you hope lies in store for 2013?

Stay tuned for Part Two of the Best of 2013 – in friends, in phrases and in facilitators…

Note: This blog expresses my own independent opinions and views and I am never compensated for any reviews or review lists.

31 thoughts on “The Best of 2012 – Perfumes and Perfumers

  1. Great start to the list Sheila. Poor BD, who knows now days what will blow up in your face. One bad choice was certainly explosive.
    Thanks too for being behind the Devilscent Project and for inciting people to make fragrances that variously enticed, floored and made my neck hairs stand up.
    Here’s mt best blogger award for YOU,
    Portia x

    1. Well, Portia – that’s the whole problem in a nutshell – you never know where trouble might be waiting for you…;) Thank YOU so much for all your support this past year (there will be words and more than a few!), and as for the Best Blogger – well…the competition has been more than a little fierce since you arrived! 😀 xo

    1. Dear Amanda – I’ll never forget that night I sent out the email about the project…and the answer that came back from you in minutes – “ARE YOU KIDDING?????” It was fun – and it was challenging, and I dare say you’re not quite the perfumer you were before it if your recent work is anything to go by! And that’s always grand, don’t you think? 😉

      1. Well as I’ve mentioned before, finishing your novel faster than the 7th Harry Potter is an indication of how good it is in my mind.

        Those perfumes will be a benchmark in my growth as a perfumer. It’s always a plus to grow!

        It is a project unlike any other I have participated in.

        To a beautiful 2013 for us all ❤

  2. I was hanging onto every word and thinking I’d better see your blog listed in a “Best Of” for 2012! Along with your razor sharp wit and great writing you pour so much of your heart into every piece. Eager to read what you have in store for us in the coming year.

    1. Dear Maggie, that was such an incredibly sweet thing to say! Considering that serendipity – or Kismet, maybe? – brought YOU into both my life and the Devilscent Project. It’s been quite a journey ever since. I don’t know if I’ll ever be listed among the “best blogs” – my style is highly idiosyncratic/personal – but I do pour heart and soul into everything I write – it’s the only way I can write. Stay tuned – for much, much more fun and words in 2013 – and for the journey I sincerely hope we’ll share! xo

  3. Darling Sheila! I LOVED reading this and thank you THANK YOU for your kind words about Midnight At The Crossroads Café, and for including me in the DevilScent Project. I cannot remember being so inspired or having so much fun as I did while participating in this project. Also, the incredible honor of working on this project with so many wonderful perfumers!

    Glædelig jul og Godt Nytår! Du er en gudinde af parfume!

    Love, Neil

    1. Darling Neil – of all the perfumers who joined the Devilscent Project, YOU were the biggest surprise! That you even joined still floors me to this day! I’m so very, very glad you had so much fun with it – that was written into the brief, as I recall? – and even more ecstatic to have made such a friend with such a spectacular name as you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, too, sweet – and if I’m a Goddess of Perfume, it’s in no small part thanks to the talents of Perfume Gods like you! Love back! And LOTS of it!

  4. I do not do my own lists but I read everybody else’s and yours is the first list I’m reading this year. I’m with you on NVC and Amouage. And Noir thing. And IFRA (though, I’m afraid, our worst fears will come true 😦 ). And Brad Pitt. And… Well, you see where it goes 🙂

    1. We’re birds of a feather, Undina – or is it that other maxim…”Great minds think alike”, maybe? 😉 Whatever it is, thank you for reading, and yes, I can see where it goes! xo

  5. Enjoyed reading your list, Sheila, and thrilled to see Chypre Palatin on it! Will look forward to reading your review. If I were making a best-of list, I’d include many of your same faves: Mito, Azemours Chypre Palatin, Seville a l’Aube and Amouage VI, the latter of which I have *you* to thank for – so thank you, again, cupcake! (Hey, if the Devil can call you cupcake, I can too!! Even if I don’t sound as sexy as him when I say it.) 😀 oxxo

    1. Suzanne, sweet – feel free to call me cupcake any day of any year! 😉 It’s the intention that matters, after all! I really look forward to writing about Chypre Palatin – I recall reading your own illustrious review and feeling that dreaded lemming stir within…;) As for the Opus VI – you’re welcome, always! 🙂

  6. Dear Sheila, thank you for your wonderful and thought-provoking post.
    Mito, The Neela Vermeire trio, Beloved and Opus VI make it to my Best of 2012 too.
    I cannot help but share your point of view about BD.
    I wish you a wonderful 2013, full of inspiration.
    Lots of love,


    1. It seems we were many who had the same opinions – for the simple reason – they’re THAT extraordinary! I’m also glad to see, dear Caro, that you share my view on the ‘tempest-in-a-perfume-bottle’ that surrounded poor M. Duchaufour – sometimes, with the emotional investment so many of us have in perfume, reason is the first thing to go out the window when certain buttons are pushed! I wish YOU a most inspirational 2013, as well, my friend – and always, more love – and more mayhem ahead! 😉

  7. Morning, there a possibility of getting a sample pack in a group of the devilscents perfumes? I agree about CHANEL’S very poor Brad Pitt campaign…..personally ,he does nothing for me..i dislike #5 anyway and it was “inevitable” he wasn’t going to sway me to sample the fume again. As for the greats……Neela’s Trio are glorious,as is Mr. Morris…..I’m thinking a blind buy of his Midnight at the Crossroads Cafe might be my new year gift to myself. Thanks for your insight into the BD ‘controversy’ As for the ‘dumbest thing from a consumers point of view’…..Christian Dior wiping the gloriously green mossy origional Miss Dior off the map and replacing it with an insipid floral,causing all sorts of confusion in ‘retail land’

    Love & Peace in 2013

    1. Dear Saffy – indeed there IS a sample set at a very reasonable price of Ellen Covey’s five extraordinary perfumes for the Devilscent Project, and you can find them here:
      For Neil Morris, I recommend contacting him through his website – I’m sure he’ll be happy to provide you with samples so you can at least try them (which you should! These are – I’ll say it again – like nothing else in Perfumedom, so…As for many of the others – one will be launched at a later date, and I’ve been on to a few of my co-conspirators in Diabolical to consider releasing them elsewhere. Stay tuned!
      I’m not the world’s greatest Brad Pitt fan – I’ll take Robert Downey Jr and Johnny Depp any day of any year – but never has a perfume campaign made me laugh so hard…;) As for the wretched fate of Miss Dior (I, too am a fan of the original), well, that was obvious in 2011, and hasn’t improved since…Oh, well…

    1. Maggie – thank you for reading! There are ways around the lack of rich, perfume-obsessed friends…email me at thealembicatedgenie(at)gmail(dot)com for details! 🙂

  8. Wonderful list! I very much enjoyed reading it. I don’t normally do these kinds of wrap-ups, but I do love it when someone does one that is comprehensive and fun to read! Thank you and I wish you a wonderful New Year!

  9. Love the list!

    I was also delighted with Neela Vermiere Creations. Unfortunately, recieved them yesterday and I couldn’t enlist them on my 2012 list, but Trayee would make it.

    I love your wtf moments part of the text 🙂

    I was very disappointed with GaGa as well but with Coco Noir also. I think we expected too much from a good name and campaign…
    Stronlgy suggest you to try LM Parfums if you can 😉


    1. Ah, those WTF moments…I swear, the dastardly deeds of Christopher Chong will be my undoing some day…;) I looked up LM Parfums – and apart from those glorious-sounding candles, they sound like quite an intriguing line! 🙂

  10. New to this blog and loved the article! Funny thing, I just purchased Bertrand Duchaufour’s ‘Enchanted Forrest’ formulated for The Vagabond Prince, I believe it’s Fragrantica’s new creation but the word is not official yet, and found it quite distinctive. I don’t always keep up with the latest trend or gossip, being a bit obscure when it comes to…well…some things or everything. But I couldn’t help feeling that it is not always an artists duty to adhere to political juggling, in the case of BD’s collaboration with NV, the entity itself, meaning the juice, could actually enliven the region and it’s people. A good fragrance can give hope, rejuvenate old ideals and cast spells in different directions. But then I am after all an eternal optimist not so entrenched in the business world (yet) and still intoxicated with the creations and fragrances in my immediate surroundings.

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