And the Rousing Finale…

…Of my guest blog for Penhaligon’s ‘Adventures in Scent’ is now up:

A Journey Down the Phial – Part Two

Please leave a comment, let me know what you thought, did it get your imagination going?

Are my days as a perfume writer now over? 🙂

3 thoughts on “And the Rousing Finale…

  1. I loved it. I left a comment over at Penhaligons. I really like the way you articulate fragrances as personalities, here and in your wonderful “A Swell Party”. I always fell privileged to read good writing. I have a 'Great Books' list (on spreadsheets, glued into a pocket Moleskine by category; philosophy,literature etc). It has some nice little notes and quotes added in by me. If you mention a work not on my list, and boy, there are plenty of these, I add them. So not only are you a wonderful writer, you are also a mentor of sorts. The Education of Miss S xx

  2. Just posted over at Penhaligons:

    I just went on the most magnificent scent journey. I simply must have this scent library, this is so evocative to me of a wonderful Agatha Christie type adventure. Although a different geography A Passage to India jumped almost immediately into my head. I now find myself in the company of the delightful Miss Bluebell, she weaves exotic tales of great things to come. Sheila, as always, Primus inter pares xx

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