Scents of Adventure!

In a fortituous series of serendipitous occurrences, I was asked some time ago if I would like to guest blog for Penhaligon’s blog ‘Adventures in Scent’. I believe this had something to do with my review of ‘Amaranthine’…;-) Now, the time is nigh, as they said in all the best serial stories…

So then, ladies, gentlemen, and fellow perfumoholics…read all about a letter found in a Scent Library, a runaway bride, and the allure of an exotic location in 1893…

A Journey Down the Phial

The story will be concluded in Part Two to follow later – and I’ll keep you informed when it does!

Illustration: From the Illustrated London Gazette, ca. 1890. An engraving from the entrance to Shepheard’s Hotel, Cairo, Egypt

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