The Second Chance Aftelier Haute Claire Giveaway!

Ladies, gentlemen and fellow perfumoholics!

Recently, in connection with my review of the truly stupendous Aftelier ‘Haute Claire’, I held a draw on SLS for a 5 ml sample sent directly from Aftelier, so one lucky reader could experience for him or herself the amount of detail and love Mandy Aftel puts into her perfumes as well as her packaging.

The winner, however, never responded and as that winner also commented anonymously, I had no way to contact this person through email.

Therefore, I’ll happily hold a SECOND DRAW…which is to say:

One of you can still win and try the wonder that is Haute Claire for yourself!

So people, leave a comment on your favorite green…perfume, tree, plant, flower…by midnight, Saturday August 6th CET for your chance to win! The winner will be determined by by Saturday morning CET and announced later that day. And please, if you can, don’t be anonymous! We don’t bite…much! 😉

Image of Sword-billed hummingbird: thefeaturedcreature.