A Sneak Peek

  • A new scented blog collaboration

Some time ago, I was asked if I would like to participate in a blog collaboration that combined verbiage with scent in a new and exciting way. 

The premise is this: The participating bloggers/Instagrammers would be given a word every month, and then find a way to link perfumes to that word. The form could be anything – collages, montages, short stories, reviews. Once a month, everyone would post and link to each other’s posts. The experiment would run for a full calendar year – twelve posts, twelve words and six participating blogs. We would take turns choosing a word, but the form and presentation was completely up to us. 

This concept goes live tomorrow, and the Alembicated Genie will be participating, because – words? Perfume? Isn’t that why I’m writing these words, and you’re reading them? 

Would you like to read more? 

The collaboration is called Scent Semantics, and is curated by a beloved voice in the blogosphere, Portia Turbo of A Bottled Rose. 

Follow us over the next year as we embark on this journey through perfumes, associations, moods, colors and scents. Read where it takes you. Gain new perspectives on the artform that is perfume, and hopefully expand your horizons a little or a lot. 

Watch this space. 

Participating blogs: 

Elena  https://theplumgirl.com

Sheila  https://thealembicatedgenie.com

Daisy  https://eaulalanyc.com    (https://www.instagram.com/coolcookstyle/?hl=en)

Undina  https://undina.com

Old Herbaceous  https://scentsandsensibilities.co

Portia  https://abottledrose.com