The Winners Are…

And-the-Winner-Is-CP-Confetti has spoken, and the winners of The Alembicated Genie’s giveaway draw are…

10 ml of Mohur extrait and a ceramic perfume disk:


Samples of Mohur Extrait:

Gisela & Silverlily

Please email me before May 28th at with your contact information and address, so I can pass it on to Neela.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the draw for your comments and for enjoying this story/review!

4 thoughts on “The Winners Are…

  1. I have been so blessed to try this magic that you have created Neela. I feel sexy, I am woman hear me purrrrrrr. The comment in the elevator from a complete stranger “Wow you smell great!” Yes, that made me smile and leave him with a wink and a softly whispered Thank you. I slipped his wife a posture note with the name of your magic exlixer on it. Asister should always share the magic…..

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