A Note To My Readers


Ladies, gentlemen and fellow perfumoholics –

As you may have noticed in the course of these past few months, I have not posted as frequently as I once did.

In part because life got in the way, but mainly due to a most propitious and auspicious occurrence of a fateful kind that doesn’t happen often and which I have been sworn to absolute secrecy about. This has swept all other considerations and obligations away, and must take priority over everything else for a while.

No worries – it’s all good and the world will know very soon!

At present, I have three reviews of major new releases from favorite brands I shall try to complete over the course of the next month or so as my time permits. Believe it or not, perfume writing satisfies an aesthetic itch my other writing does not, and I have truly missed being able to review as I once did.

But most important of all, I wanted to inform you that you are neither neglected nor forgotten.

Simply that when opportunity came knocking… I had no choice but to open the door as wide as I could!

Thank you for understanding.

Have no fear – I shall return with wonders galore!

Fragrantly yours –

The Genie

17 thoughts on “A Note To My Readers

  1. Thank you for your note. If you ask me, I will always patiently wait for your new articles, no matter how long. Happy that “it’s all good…”

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