A Few Words From The Genie

Ladies, gentlemen and fellow Earthlings,

It’s now been a week since the Save The Genie campaign started, and no one is more surprised than I to find that I’m nearly halfway to my goal already!


So instead of foaming at the keybpard as I usually do, I decided to do something else instead which says everything I feel and (nearly) everything I wanted to say. Not rehearsed, not scripted, and yes, this is…yours truly, live and in color!

Save The Genie Campaign Update

No worries! I promise…there are many, many words to come!


12 thoughts on “A Few Words From The Genie

  1. Oh wow! So cool to see and hear you “live and in color!” I envy you your womanly voice. Mine sounds like a child’s voice compared to yours. Sometime I’ll have to do a video so you can have a good laugh. 😀

    Congrats on being halfway to your goal, Sheila!

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