A Few Words From The Genie

Ladies, gentlemen and fellow Earthlings,

It’s now been a week since the Save The Genie campaign started, and no one is more surprised than I to find that I’m nearly halfway to my goal already!


So instead of foaming at the keybpard as I usually do, I decided to do something else instead which says everything I feel and (nearly) everything I wanted to say. Not rehearsed, not scripted, and yes, this is…yours truly, live and in color!

Save The Genie Campaign Update

No worries! I promise…there are many, many words to come!


12 thoughts on “A Few Words From The Genie

  1. Oh wow! So cool to see and hear you “live and in color!” I envy you your womanly voice. Mine sounds like a child’s voice compared to yours. Sometime I’ll have to do a video so you can have a good laugh. 😀

    Congrats on being halfway to your goal, Sheila!

  2. So glad you shared that video clip with us, Sheila. I’m marshalling the courage to do something like that myself. And congrats on the success of your campaign! 🙂

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