A whiff of perdition…

The Devilscent Project

A year ago, I had a little project-for-fun on my old blog, Scent Less Sensibilities, in collaboration with Doc Elly of Olympic Orchids. We called it Devilscent. The idea was to create a scent for the Devil as he is portrayed in my rock’n’roll Faustian novel, Quantum Demonology.

What do you know, dear readers, it is now a year later and things have…changed! 

I want to get Quantum Demonology out there, out to where it becomes a viral phenomenon, out where someone wants to get it in print, get it in Kindles, on iPads, and who knows where it could go from there? And what better way to do it in a way no one has ever quite done before – through the medium of…perfume?

A year later, Doc Elly is still very much a part of it. But so are several other very distinguished niche perfumers and some of the best perfume writers and bloggers in the blogosphere.

A year later, we’re going to take it to the next level. Through Facebook, through Twitter, through social media and PR and through the words of our bloggers and the perfumes our perfumers will create for the Devil – not your usual brand of Evil Incarnate – and for his much malcontented wife, Lilith, Queen of the Succubi.

Because in this version, the Devil stalks our hapless Faust, haunts her many dreams and lures her to perdition through…a perfume.

But what would such perfumes be – and what havoc could they wreak?

Read all about it in the weeks to come!

23 thoughts on “A whiff of perdition…

    1. Warum, even as I type this, the project is growing, For one, we’ve added two (very!) noted bloggers with about 50x the readers I have, LOL….and some staggering perfumer talent, too!

  1. Looking forward to hauling out the old cauldron of newt’s eyes and goat’s horns, which has been brewing for quite some time, and starting a new cauldron to go with it!

  2. It’s an admirable project, if only because so much expectation will be placed on its shoulders, the devil being so prolific in inspiring past incarnations, so to speak. I’m all psyched up with that you two will come up with!

    1. OMG!!! How wonderful to see you here! Ah, but E…it’s not just me! 😀 It’s nine fellow bloggers and five US independent perfumers all improvising over the story, which is not your usual Faust and definitely not…your usual Devil! Nor, I have to say, is Lilith quite as she is normally portrayed…Stay tuned, but I rather think you will! ❤

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