Happy New Year!

The happiest of New Years to all my TAG readers – may your 2012 be filled with opportunities, happiness and joy! Thank you from the bottom of my very full heart for following me – in whatever way you do – and  for all your support and comments, too! Here’s to all the discoveries we will share in the year ahead!

I have only two New Year’s resolutions this year.

1) To get myself to New York in the late summer/early fall. I still don’t know precisely how, but I do know it will happen. I have things to do and friends to adore and who knows? Oportunities to explore? Possibilities that happen?

2) To make 2012 the year I – to quote a Major Inspiration – kick MAJOR ass…and make the maximum impact! In whatever ways I do…

And as always there will be…many adventures ahead!

Much love and more happiness for everything you’ve brought me. Paybacks will be hell…;-)



Image: The Human Flower Project

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