Flying onward

– Change is in the air…

Picture this: Today is possibly one of the nicest days in over three months of a summer that never really happened. The sun is beaming from a flawless blue sky, it’s a balmy 73°F/24°C outside on the first of October, no less, and outside my open windows, I can hear the sound of children playing soccer in the sun. Janice, the calico, is out on an old changing table/cushioned cat perch on my balcony, baking her belly fur, whereas Hairy Krishna, who normally never veers far from my side, is crashed on my bed deep in the duvet feathers.

While Wolverine and his father do boy things at Daddy’s house until late tomorrow afternoon, I sit in splendid solitude and questionable attire, hair up in a clip, and write. My little black iPig is blaring out a metal-minded medley version of the Beatles’ ‘Day Tripper’, and it’s just what I want to hear.

These weekends are cherished, precisely because it’s the most time I’m able to devote to writing between the day job, the laundry, the kid and the incipient chaos of everyday life. This is when I plan out future blogs, catch up on sleep, go for walks at 7 AM when the sun rises, cultivate my solipcism/tend my imagination/relocate my sanity….and write.

Something I’ve been doing a lot of in the past two years, more than at any other time in my life, and something I like to believe I do better than almost anything else. That being the case, I believe it’s the perfect time to share a little something with my readers now, because you’re going to hear about it one way or another very soon.

I’ve decided in the very near future to move SLS from Blogger to WordPress. Not a few of you are already there, and I’ll be in excellent company, this I know! Candyperfumeboy says you have cupcakes, and that helps, too! I’m currently in the process of setting it up and getting it to what I want it to be.

What I’ll also do is move QD elsewhere. Henceforward, only the first twelve chapters of Quantum Demonology in their second-draft form will be available in the public domain of the blogosphere.

Another book will also be launched on WordPress in chapter installments, but this one contains not a trace of devilry. Instead, it’s a historical novel set in Roman Britain and Ireland in the third century AD, about a young man in some serious trouble…

Last but not least, I’ll launch a space for short stories and other things I’ve written which fall outside my usual category of writing. Some of them are erotica, some of them are ghost stories, some of them contain elements that later made their way into …perfume blogs and another novel I’m wrestling with at the moment, a rewriting of Euripides’ ‘Medea’.

All of this is another way of saying that if I define myself as a writer, then I had better get myself out there as best I can and show the world this pony has far more than one trick up its tail…;-)

Meanwhile, here are a few things you can expect to see in the meantime…

Tomorrow, I’ll sink my teeth and my questionable skills in word-smithing into one of the most spectacular perfumes created in the past twenty years. I’ve been wearing this with a fury lately, and the fury shows no signs of abating. It’s not that good. It’s better!

Next week, SLS will focus its minuscule Klieg light on Amanda Feeley of Esscentual Alchemy, a highly prolific and talented perfumer, a recent participant in Perfume Pharmer’s ‘Summer of Patchouli Love’, and someone with whom I’ve connected in a big way. For one thing, she ate QD in a record four days. And still wanted to talk to me afterwards! Her perfumes are as unique as her own self, and I can’t wait to write about them.

If this past summer and fall have had a theme, it would be…connecting. Remember when I said that joining Twitter was the best thing I’ve done to promote my writing? I did it in part as an experiment in social media marketing, and I suspect the fun is only beginning. I’ve connected with so many people I’d barely dare say hello to in my pre-Twitter life, but things have changed and I’ve changed with them, and now, who knows what will happen?

One thing that did happen was another opportunity to let out my inner rock chick. This is…serendipity in action, all true. A certain drummer is very dear to my heart – not the way you think, but he did and in fact still does play in one of my two all-time favorite bands. He’s a seriously rad drummer and a seriously nice guy. So I found out about another new band he’s a member of, got excited, tracked them down, bought the CD, promoted them on Twitter. A few direct messages flew back and forth. They’re coming to Copenhagen in January. No excuses. I. Have. To. Go. I called the venue – the real-life Alcatraz, the metal club in QD (and how cool is THAT?) – to ask about tickets. “Wait a second,” said their booker… “are you…” “Yes.” “Because I just received an email from their manager saying your name should be put on the list…” Yours truly is going to the show…this time, at the frontman’s request. Which isn’t just cool, but positively chill!

Even on this warm Indian summer day, I look forward to autumn. Maples leaves burning my retinas against an impossible blue sky, that glorious scent of moldering leaves and bonfires, hunting for porcini in the beechwoods where they grow the size of US dinner plates, flying Wolverine’s kite again down our favorite local hill, baking an apple pie on a rainy day…and wearing some of my richest, most opulent, drop-dead perfumes.

So what are you looking forward to about the fall? What gets your dreams flying, what makes you happy, where do you like to go?

I’d love to hear about it!


18 thoughts on “Flying onward

  1. I am very looking forward to you joining the WordPress neighbourhood. We should through a WordPress street party in your honour, with lots of cupcakes!

    Also, how awesome is it that you're on the guest list for that concert? You must be super chuffed!

    I'm looking forward to reading to more wonderful stories 😀

  2. I've moved to wordpress too! I've been 'moving' for a couple of weeks now, still putting all my ducks in a row – not quite ready for my open house yet.

    I'm very excited to hear more about your rock chick adventures, and upcoming perfume prose!

  3. Oh SQUEEE! How awesome is *THAT* going to be?!? Are you going to take pictures? 😀

    Of course I still wanted to talk to you post novel, how else can I get more? 😉

    I love the internet, don't you? It's allowed me to meet so many wonderful people.

    Looking forward to our time together xoxo


  4. Holy Pants! There is a lot of news in this post! LOL, I'm in a fit of delight to hear your “coming over” to WordPress (that's where all the cool kids are *wink & giggle*)!

    And I'm delighted to have the prospect of short stories—erotic and otherwise— to warm up these fall evenings that are finally cooling off. I'm looking forward to the updates!

    I love cupcakes. Any and all cupcakes. I will oversee the tasting of said cupcakes, to make sure they are safe to eat 😉

    Big hugs from fangirl,


  5. “(that's where all the cool kids are *wink & giggle*)!”

    Well, that rules this Blogger blogger out on a couple of counts, then!

    Seriously, I do think WordPress offers heaps more functionality and themes, so if I had my time over I would probably start out that way. Whether I could ever figure out how migrate my blog is another matter, and I am kind of attached to my mottled Venetian plaster. But if I was ever the last person left on blogspot, I suspect I might start to feel a bit of a freak.

  6. So exciting to hear of all of the passionate new developments in your life, Sheila. (Your real life and your writing life seem to be converging, don't you think?) By the way, I'm not at all surprised that the band put you on the guest list for their show…you're a rock star, babe. 🙂 Rock on!

  7. JoanElaine…trust me, you'll be in excellent company! I had a Blogger outage issue on the day I wanted to post my review of DSH 'Pandora' and it really …well, upset me, enough to say…'screw this!' But as you know, you don't just…move a blog. These things take time. So you and I both are taking our time and getting all those lovely ducks in a row…;)

  8. Dee…do you know, I was never one of the 'cool kids', which might explain why I became a punk…

    It certainly explains why I'm looking forward to all the thrills ahead – now that things are moving forward!

    And OMG…the band! Squee! Of course, I'll tell you guys all about it!

  9. Anonymous,

    Someone said cupcakes! B will oversee the making thereof, Dee will make sure they're good enough to eat, I'll make them (my old past as a pastry chef comes in handy here), and Candyperfumeboy will eat any we might overlook…;-)

  10. Vanessa, you were always, always cool – and you always will be!

    Moving a blog is slightly nervewracking and takes time, but I'm sure it can be done! I've moved within Blogger before and it was very easy, but never from Blogger to WordPress. I'll keep you posted on how that goes! XOXO

  11. Suzanne, dearly beloved Scent Twin…exciting seems to be the theme of this fall – and hopefully winter, too!

    But yes, things seem to be converging in all sorts of directions and I can't wait to see where they all end up! I promise – I'll tell you all about it! 😉

    Ah, the rock star and the Rock Star…well, what have I got to lose by having a little fun? And that guy is a sweetie, in all those nicely dangerous, Italianate, Brooklyn Big Cheese sort of ways…;)

    And by Golly…a Crab to boot! LOL

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