The Devil’s Brief

I received an email from Doc Elly early this morning about something she found in her inbox, and I rather suspect you might be interested, so without further ado, head over to her blog, Perfume Project NW, for further details!

And big thanks to Bloody Frida, who gave me the perfect word for my own reaction:


Yes, I’m excited. So I’ll slink away into the shadows again and get back to that Other Thing I Had To Do…


Tarot Card: Guiseppe Lama, Voodoo Chilli

14 thoughts on “The Devil’s Brief

  1. You know what, I am actually relieved to hear it's not really him, because he's a pretty private person and I got a bit of a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach after I had time to process it. 🙂

  2. Carrie – I do understand, but as I said – it's not!…that guy. That would be exploitation, and I really don't go in for that sort of thing – except in bad '70s movies with a definite sense of irony..;) It is all explained in too much detail in 'Midnight' – that's all I'm going to say!

  3. a.k.a. Warum – I'm so sorry I missed your comment! Yes, this is exciting – to be able to manifest an idea in more than one medium – how cool is that?

  4. So what is this perfume going to be called? “Midnight” is already taken multiple times. I think we need a bat as one of the avatars, maybe on my next post.

  5. In reverse order…Doc Elly, I wouldn't be surprised if the bat had been taken by, say, Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs! 🙂 It fits their sensibilities. I have some thoughts as to that. But what to call it…one of the Devil's names is Apollyon, as he says at one point later in the book, and I've never seen that anywhere…I wish I could use Deva (it's the same etymology, believe it or not!) but that might upset Hindus, and that will not do. We should think about it…and I rather suspect we will! 🙂

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