Don’t Panic!

Ladies, Gents, Earthlings and Entities –
I’ve had a…HELLISH week. That’ll teach me to review Robert Piguet’s “Bandit” on a Monday. 😉

When I haven’t been pounding the pavement this week in search of a better – and better-paid – job in this recession to finance my expensive (perfume) habits, another monumental headache in the shape of Quantum Demonology has been giving me the world’s worst case of writer’s block at a crucial expository point in my story, right when I just know I can wrestle it into a shape suitable for submission.

Thanks to Karen Blixen’s ‘Seven Gothic Tales‘, I think I’ve cracked the block, and I’ve cracked a few sidewalks, too. A two-letter media phenomenon will be talking to yours truly next week. As they say, it’s a start…

Meanwhile, here are a few coming attractions:

Serge Lutens’ Jeux de Peau arrived today, and I can’t wait to review it! This should be a goodie…hot bread? Really? Or is Uncle Serge buttering us up?

A candidate arrived in my eternal quest for The Devil’s scent…and it’s no El Presidente, but is it a cigar?

There are tigers, and there are Tiggers. I found a Tigger in bottled form. Does it bounce? You think?

Ladies who lunch wear ladylike perfumes. This one is positively refined and suitable for dinner, too. And dinners for two.

It was the kind of story that launched a legend and a thousand ships. Will it float my boat, too?

He was a poet with a passion – and with a passion for perfume. The kind that could be bottled, maybe?

Scents of place or a sense of place? The fun isn’t over with Doc Elly and Olympic Orchids, and where there are fumes, there are words – and worse – to describe them!

In the meantime, the ghost of the Baroness came to call, and you don’t mess with the ghost of the Baroness…so that’s what I have to get out of the way..first!

I shall miss you while I’m gone. And if you can’t be good, be careful! 😉


6 thoughts on “Don’t Panic!

  1. Wrestle that demon, pin it down, twist its arm, make it talk! 😀 And then tell us what it reveals…..

    I received an email from Uncle Serge inviting me to sign up for a free sample of Jeux de Peau. He neglected to explain that Americans are excluded. I do love dear Uncle Serge, but sometimes I want to give him SUCH A PINCH. 🙂

  2. Oh, but Olenska… I will, and that's a threat! or a treat, I'm not sure which…

    I am so sorry the US was excluded from receiving a sample of Jeux de Peau. I forgot to check whether this was a Palais Royal exclusive, but if all else fails, I shall happily ship this on to you after my review! You know where to find me!

    I love our dear Uncle Serge, too, but do you know, he has such a penchant for practical jokes sometimes you're not the only one who wants to pinch him – or yell in Scandinavian-accented schoolgirl French, or even West Coast American..”DOOOOOOOOOODE”…;)

  3. Happy to hear the block has cracked! I need to get my butt over to Quantum Demonology and start reading!

    I'm very intrigued by your coming attractions. I look forward to your return! I wish you much success in your dealing with the “two letter media phenom”.

  4. oooh, I can't wait to see what comes next!
    You've given us so many hints and now we must learn to deal with our own impatience (if we haven't already, I'm sometimes still battling mine into submission).
    Hope the weeks only improve from now on and you're back soon with posts on, well, all of the mentioned. 😉

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