The Impossible List

Inspired by some of my fellow bloggers, I recently gave myself an impossible assignment: to pick ONE perfume from each of my favorite perfume houses, the ones I’d save in case of a fire, the ones I couldn’t live without if I tried, the ones I reach for on days I don’t have time to post my SotD without even thinking about it.

And just ONE perfume from each of these houses mind, despite the fact that I’m completely incapable of fragrant monogamy and despite loving, worshiping and adoring many, many more…

The order is alphabetical for clarity purposes only – not in order of importance!

Aftelier Perfumes: Cepes & Tuberose

Amouage: Epic Woman

Andy Tauer: Incense Rose

Balmain: Ivoire

Caron: Tabac Blond extrait

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz: Vert pour Madame

Etat Libre d’Orange: Like This

Frèderic Malle: Lys Mediterranée

Guerlain: (vintage) Jicky, or failing that, Sous le Vent

Hermès: 24 Faubourg

House of Cherry Bomb: Dev

Jacomo: Silences

L’Artisan Parfumeur: Dzonghka

Neela Vermeire Creations: Mohur

Neil Morris: Dev #3

Olympic Orchids: Dev #2

Opus Oils: Isis (The Divine Collection)

Ormonde Jayne: Orris Noir

Parfums d’Empire: Equistrius

Robert Piguet: Bandit

Serge Lutens: Fleurs d’Oranger

vero profumo: Mito

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